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“When I first saw Dr. Heid, the pain I was experiencing went from my lower back and into my leg.  It was very uncomfortable and painful. I was hesitant and, honestly nervous to see a chiropractor. Dr. Heid was very professional and kind enough to explain the entire process to me. He helped me to understand the benefits of seeing a chiropractor and made me feel relaxed during the entire process. I now feel comfortable enough to see him during my pregnancy, and confident recommending Dr. Heid to other patients. Thank you Dr. Heid for helping my pain completely go away.”

– Stephanie

Having just moved from Ohio to Arizona, I have become a lot more active (especially during the Winter). I had a lower back sprain years ago, but had gotten worse since moving to Arizona. I was so afraid that my dirt bike and street bike motorcycling hobby was over. My wife finally told me to got a chiropractor, she apparently got tired of hearing me moan and groan when getting out of bed in the morning! I had never been to a chiropractor and was VERY reluctant. Dr. Heid was very helpful and explained my lower back pain and the treatment that it would take to fix it. After one visit, my back felt great! No more moaning and groaning when getting out of bed in the morning!

– Trent